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The girl singers, or Valiantettes, of Vince Vance & the Valiants, without exception, have always had names that begin with the letter ”V.” Currently they are introduced as The Vivacious, Voluptuous Vixens of Rock n' Roll, the Valuable, yet Vulnerable, Valiantettes ”Vixie, Violet and Velicity! The first ”t” is silent in the name Valiantette, so it is actually pronounced Val-yun-net.

Except for Vince, none of the boys in Vince Vance & the Valiants have ever had a name that started with the letter ”V”. Our long standing band line-up includes: Ed Doc Loftus, musical director on keys and vocals; Shane McCauley AKA ”Tall McCall,” the tallest drummer in the world; Tommy Tucker who not only sings, but also plays bass for his supper; and, on lead guitar, Mike Boyd, Country Music's Golden Throat. Vince features the greatest living saxophonist, Jimmy Vee, who simultaneously plays alto and tenor saxes... one upside-down. His entourage includes colorful Roadies like ”Mr. Mad Dog.”

Vince travels with 50 complete costume changes including a Christmas Tree costume that lights up, a case of hair spray and 3 hair dryers, 40 pairs of sunglasses, 15 bow ties, 12 cummerbunds, 10 scarves, 8 feather boas, 20 gold chain and necklaces, 14 pairs of shoes and 3 pairs of boots. Vince's props are a BIG 6-foot Vince Head and his John Deere 5-wheel tricycle. Vince's tallest hair day is 18.365 inches! Yes, that's all his hair! Vince Vance is a voting member of the National Academy of the Recording Arts & Sciences (NARAS), the organization awards the Grammys each year, SESAC and the AF of M.